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My ‘Go To’ Make-up Look

I’m always getting asked what make-up I use and how I apply it. I’m good at doing my own make-up but I’m certainly no professional! I’ve put together a step by step post on my ‘go to’ look. I haven’t included my skin care routine but I’ll post that separately. I was a bit nervous to put the ‘before and after’ pics up because… well… no one likes to see pictures of themselves without make-up! But hey! I like to embrace being fresh faced sometimes and even though my skin’s not perfect, it’s me 🙂 I could then confidently play my favorite sports betting games via

So here it is:

No Make-up!! *SCREAMS AND RUNS AWAY!* No come back it’s ok! I’m about to put some on!

I already have my brows threaded & tinted by the amazing @lornafarrelly A.K.A the brow artist. I trust no one else with my brows… especially not myself!

First I apply Benefit ‘Fake Up’ concealer under my eyes and on any blemishes. This concealer is amazing for brightening up under your eyes and it’s hydrating so it looks fresh and doesn’t crack. It’s ideal for me because sometimes I’ll put on my make up at 7AM and it has to last all day! If you have any break outs or acne though, then I’d suggest their Boi-ing concealer. But Fake-up is a ‘must have’ in my make-up bag!

I wear MAC Studio Fix fluid foundation. Some people think it’s quite heavy but I only apply a light layer for my day time look and I think it looks quite natural! I wear the colour NC20 during the day and NC35 at night when I have tan on! I use this pink stippling brush from Boots by ‘Real Techniques’

I move on to my eyes next as I like to leave my foundation to set before I contour. I like to apply ‘High Beam’ highlighter under my brows and around my eyes. I just brush it on then pat it around with my fingertip. This is a great trick for brightening up your eyes and I really like it for my day time look. Benefit have a pencil called ‘high brow’ for achieving this look but I find the ‘High beam’ easier to use.The NAKED eye shadow palette by Urban Decay is my absolute favourite! It has everything you need for either daytime eyes or darker night time eyes. If you don’t have it then I strongly suggest adding it to your Christmas list! It’s available in Debenhams for about 40 euro. I apply the lightest shade ‘virgin’ to my eyelids. This shade compliments the High-beam under my brows really well. Next I apply some black eyeliner to my upper lid. I find it easier to work pencil eyeliner into my lash line, rather than trying to do it with my liquid liner. Then I blend it into my lash line with a small eyeshadow brush. My favourite black eyeliner pencil is ‘Feline’ Kohl power eye pencil by MAC.I’m a fan of an eyeliner flick! I used this little liquid eyeliner from GOSH. If you find it tricky doing an eyeliner flick like this then I’d suggest using the ‘master precise’ eyeliner pen by Maybelline (it’s a bit easier to use) I always keep cotton buds and eye make up remover on hand for if I mess this up, or can’t get the flicks looking even!Using a small eye shadow brush, I add a darker shadow to the crease on my eyelid. Then I blend it in with a bigger brush. I don’t like putting dark eyeliner on my lower lid during the day, so I usually just apply a bit of the darker shadow in my lower lash line. At the moment I’m using ‘Scandaleyes’ mascara by Rimmel. I always bend the tip of my mascara brushes to make it easier to apply.

Now for my favourite part.. some contouring! The bronzer I use is MAC’s ‘mineralize skinfinish natural’ – medium deep. When contouring, you’re basically bronzing a big number 3 on each side of your face. You should apply your bronzer in your hairline, on your cheekbones and your jawline too. Some people apply bronzer down either side of their nose to make it appear smaller too. I use MAC ‘skin finish’- Soft & Gentle highlighter at the top of my cheekbones and a little bit down my nose. I add a tiny bit of pink blush to my cheeks too. At the moment I’m using a cream blush by Laura Mercier called ‘Canyon’. I like to use a little bit of cherry Carmex before my lipstick. It really hydrates my lips and makes my lipstick go on really well. This lip colour is called ‘Shy girl’ from MAC 🙂Finito!! That’s my first time attempting a blog post like that so I hope you liked it! I have a million different make-up looks that I love to do, so if this gets a good response then I’d love to show my darker side 😉 (tan and smokey eyes for nights out!) Questions and suggestions are more then welcome! P.s the nail varnish I’m wearing is by NYC I got it in Penneys (I buy nail varnish every time I’m at the til! too tempting!)

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