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Where to apply your make-up

It doesn’t matter how expensive or high end your make-up products are, if they’re not applied correctly it can look all wrong! Here’s where I apply my concealer, bronzer, blush & highlighter:

Most people think drawing a semi circle under your eyes is the best way to conceal bags. You are actually better off dotting on an upside down triangle of concealer and then blending it in. This will really brighten up your face. I use ‘Fake up’ concealer by Benefit Cosmetics.

I frame my face with bronzer by applying it along my forehead towards my hairline and under my chin and jaw line. I also use it to contour my nose and cheekbones. Here I’m using ‘Hoola’ Bronzer by Benefit cosmetics.

Highlighter is one of my favourite make-up products! When I apply some highlighter in the corner of my eyes and at the top of my cheekbones my make-up always looks fresher.You can also make your lips look fuller by applying a touch of highlighter above the arch of your lips with your baby finger. Here I’m wearing ‘Moon Dusk’ iridescent powder by MAC.   I only ever apply a small bit of pink blush on the apples of my cheeks in a circular motion. If you smile while you do this it’s easier to see where to go! 🙂 Here I’m wearing Dr.Hauschka blush trio.

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