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5 minute wow – with Benefit

After a long day our make-up can look like it has been through war and back. It can wear off from eating, drinking, talking on the phone, rubbing our eyes, crying (it happens!) Don’t let patchy make-up prevent you from heading off somewhere nice after work if you get an offer off the girls or a PNB (potential new boyfriend)! By keeping these 3 Benefit products in your handbag you’ll be ready for anything in only 5 minutes or less!

1.) Fake up under eye concealer: This concealer is perfect for brightening up your eyes and spoofing that you’ve enjoyed an extra 5 hours of beauty sleep! It’s handy because you don’t need a make-up brush to apply it. You can apply it directly onto the skin or just use your baby finger and blend. Benefit is great at coming up with long lasting products, and this is definately one of their best creations yet! Other under eye concealers can crack and make it look like you have wrinkles (even when you don’t), but ‘Fake-up’ has a layer around the concealer that is almost like a moisturizing balm which hydrates your eyes as well as covering your bags.

2.) ‘Hello Flawless’ custom powder cover up: When your foundation has gone patchy and your face is shiny this product is perfect! Not only does it get rid of that greasy look that we can sometimes get after a long day, it also provides added coverage which is essential when you’re foundation is wearing off. ‘Hello Flawless’ comes with a little compact brush too so there’s no need to fill your bag unnecesary make-up tools.


3.) ‘Boi-ing’ industrial strength concealer: Do you ever get one of those horrific spots that no matter how many times you try to conceal it, it keeps popping back up to say hello? Well this concealer is just the trick! With a quick dab of ‘boi-ing’ your problem will be solved in a matter of seconds. Although it comes in a tiny pot you don’t need much so it lasts long and is purse friendly – Result!

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