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My Bedtime Beauty Regime

Here’s an insight into my bedtime beauty ritual! These are five life savers you should consider introducing into your evening beauty routine if you want to wake up looking and feeling fresher. Alongside drinking plenty of water during the day and getting a good nights sleep – these are essential! 🙂

1.) I’ve gotten into the habit of having a mug of healthy tea after my dinner. I used to hate herbal tea but I’m a bit more into it now. Usually I will have some chamomile tea before bed to help me sleep, but at the moment I’m trying out the ‘Miss Fit Skinny tea 14 Day Teatox’. I actually like the taste of it and I find it really helps me digest my dinner. You can order yours here: 2.) After I have a shower I love rubbing this Green Angel foot cream on my feet and then putting on a pair of fluffy slipper socks (best feeling in the world after a day in heels!). It contains natural ingredients like seaweed and it smells of peppermint and tea tree. Green Angel products are available in chemists nationwide. You can look at their website to locate the nearest stockist to you: www.greenangel.com3.) This Trilogy rosehip oil is one of my favourite skincare products. After I have cleansed my face I pat my skin with two or three drops of oil (as you can imagine One bottle goes a long way) then I moisturize. This oil really hydrates your skin and is great for evening your skin tone too.4.) This ‘puff off’ eye gel only came out this year and I’m already a massive fan. After using it every night for just one week I noticed the bags under my eyes had faded a considerable amount and I looked a little more awake each morning. I’m also a sucker for packaging and I love how the applicator on the bottle is shaped like a little iron!

5.) I always brush my teeth before bed.. that kind of goes without saying! As I drink a lot of coffee during the day I was worried about staining my teeth so I started using this whitening toothpaste by Beverly Hills Formula. I’ve noticed that my smile has brightened a good bit and my mouth feels mintier for longer after I brush my teeth in the morning compared to the last brand opf toothpaste I was suing.

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