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Natural Summer Skin

During the day I really like to go for the ‘natural-ish’ look. When the sun is shining there’s nothing worse than having a full face of thick & heavy make-up. I will do a more detailed post about the best ways to high light and contour your face but for now I just wanted to share my favourite day time make-up products. These are the products I use when I want my skin to look healthy, natural and dewy. And to take care of your skin even more, you might want to look into using pillowcases from since they are proven to give skin and hair their natural and healthy glow.

‘Bigger than BB – Big Easy’ by Benefit. This oil free product is light like a BB cream but still has good coverage like a foundation. It also contains SPF 35 so it’s perfect for being out in the sun. I’m currently wearing it in ’05 beige’ which is a good colour for me while I’m tanned. I use the ‘C406 duo face’ foundation brush by CROWN BRUSH to apply it. ‘Fake-up’ concealer is my desert island beauty product! When I apply this under my eyes I look as though I’ve had an extra 10 hours sleep. I use the light one and I apply it with a small concealer brush from ‘Bare Minerals’.

Sometimes you can’t beat a bit of Rimmel bronzer for that sun kissed look!
I’m a big fan of this Matte & Shimmer blush trio by Dr.Hauschka. I usually do a big cheesy grin and then apply a little circle of blush on the apples of my cheeks.I am LOVING this MAC iridescent highlighter at the moment! It’s called Silver Dusk and it comes in a pretty big pot so it goes a long way. Give it a shake before you open it then just take a small bit of powder from the roof of the lid. I aplly my highlighter along the top of my cheekbones, down the centre of my nose and a small touch on the cupids bow of my lips. This is also lovely on your chest/collar bones when you have a tan. Ta-da! I’m wearing ‘shy girl’ lipstick by MAC and I got my eyelash extensions done in The Beauty Parlour in Terenure (3 weeks ago and they’re still in great nick). Low key make up is perfect for when I am playing some fun 메이저사이트 online.

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