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What Is Ecodppler?

The diagnostic tool Ecodppler uses Doppler ultrasound to take a picture of the heart. This tool is helpful in determining the speed and direction of blood flow. It can help physicians diagnose diseases and other conditions that can affect the heart. It can also help doctors determine whether they need to take medication.

Ecodoppler savona

Transcranial Doppler

Ecodoppler savona is a non-invasive and highly versatile tool for assessing cerebrovascular function. This type of imaging reveals the velocity and pressure of cerebral blood flow. This type of imaging is used to diagnose focal vascular stasis and detect embolic signs. It can also be used for assessing the physiological health of specific vascular territories. The TCD can measure end-tidal changes in CO2 as well as cognitive and motor activation. TCD is a quick monitoring tool that can be done at the bedside and can also be used in emergency situations.

Transcranial Doppler, a powerful imaging tool that utilizes 2 MHz ultrasound in order to penetrate all of the skull’s layers, is very effective. Its high sensitivity allows it to measure flow in arteries that are more than 75 mm wide. Moreover, the instrument can detect micro emboli. Consequently, it is a valuable diagnostic tool in the treatment of acute ischemic stroke.

This type of ultrasound testing can identify the main intracranial arteries. The transcranial Doppler is able to identify blocked blood vessels. This procedure is also able to detect narrow holes in the brain called patent foramen ovale. For this procedure, the patient lies flat on his or her back. Transducer is placed on top of transtemporal Occipital Window.

This non-invasive procedure uses doppler and ultrasound to determine the volume and flow rate of vessels. This is especially useful in the diagnosis of carotid lesions. The transducer can be placed in various positions on the necks of patients, while they are positioned on their stomachs.

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