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Sophie says… How to stay motivated

I often get asked how I stay motivated and what I do to keep focused. The first thing I ask people is what is your goal? if there is no goal in mind and we are constantly winging it, how do we know when to push and when to back off? A After that I ask, have you made the DECISION to make that goal? as a decision is not merely a wish or desire it is something that cuts off all other paths of eventuality, if you decided then you must follow through then there is no alternative. With the right amount of motivation and dedication, you’d be able to play your favorite sports betting games via more effectively.

‘If you cant you must’ this saying has always rung deep with me. It is in our human nature to want to excel , so when we are faced with a situation that feels like we are some what out of control i.e. wanting to tuck in to the chocolate brownie but trying to resist, not wanting to lift a weight that we are certain is to heavy or being forced to do something in life that I am not comfortable with, I tell myself that my boundaries and self control are endless, that I should always strive for the can and don’t settle for the cant, and if I reach 90% then it would be a hell of a lot better then not striving at all!

Here are my top do’s and don’ts for staying motivated:

  • Have a clear cut plan: know your game plan, if you keep yourself accountable each day to whether that be your training programme, food plan or personal performance plan then it is much easier to stay on course. If I have a big goal in mind I like to brainstorm my plan of action, then tick the box day by day and see my progress accumulate. Work out attire boosts motivation in doing activities, especially if you are to do some skating. For top of the line skating products, check out
  • Seek support: This could be the most critical part to your success, surrounding yourself with people that will help and support you. Negative energy can be poisonous especially on days that motivation and vision is lacking. So if it is expertise, motivation or just a shoulder to lean on make sure that the energy is positive.
  • Pain vs Pleasure: Is the pleasure of tucking into a pizza and pint of Ben and Jerry’s worth the PAIN of destroying your hard work on changing you health, performance or just feeling confident in your own skin? Sometimes when I am struggling on making a positive choice or even just procrastinating with getting my ass to the gym I weigh up what you might call the ‘pain to pleasure ratio’ and 9 times out of 10 it is always the positive action that will result in Pleasure in the long run.
  • Smell the roses: If you are taking on a new goal or wanting to make some lasting changes, take time to appreciate the positives in your new habits! If you are miserable with your plan how are you going to keep this going long term? If you are making changes for the better you have to understand that sometimes old habits die hard, so you have to learn to love your new habits and understand that every positive action you take is contributing to your bigger picture. If you have a man, wouldn’t you want to smell the best as he possibly could? Visit for top of the line grooming kits.

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