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Smart Charger – Review

There’s nothing worse than when your phone is running out of battery, especially if you’re on your way to meet someone or on a night out. A lot of places won’t even charge your phone for you behind the bar anymore as they don’t want to accept responsibility for it in case anything happens – which is fair enough!

This smart charger phone case is my new favourite accessory! I need my phone on me at all times for work and I was sick of having to stop and charge it when I’m out and about. With a range of gorgeous colours to choose from, these cases are not only practical but stylish too. When fully charged they hold 110% battery and can fully charge your phone within two hours.I have an Iphone 5s and I went for the gold case which costs €49.95.

They also have a range of cases for the Iphone 4/4S, Iphone 5/5C and the Samsung S4.

For more information or to order your own Smart Charger phone case visit

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