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Simple Paleo Diet Breakdown: do’s & don’ts


Unprocessed meat:

  • Turkey (turkey breast, turkey mince, turkey burgers, turkey rashers)
  • Chicken (If buying chicken pieces read the ingredients – some contain gluten, starch, salt, preservatives etc. Better off buying fresh cooked chicken at a deli if you’re on the go)
  • Bacon
  • steak



Green veg (plenty of green veg is key!)

Avocado (Amazing for energy & good fats)

Fruit (contains natural sugar so limit your intake if you’re aiming for weightloss. The only fruit I eat is blueberries in my protein pancakes and sometimes I snack on frozen grapes – great for a hangover)

Seeds (Source of good fats. Add sunflower seeds to a salad. If you can get chia seeds then a Table spoon of them a day in your food is amazing! It they will keep you fuller for longer. I put them in my protein pancakes & salads)

Nuts (unsalted almonds & cashews are best. Peanuts are a legume they are not a nut – avoid!)


Sweet potato (Sweet potato wedges are delicious. This is kind of a treat, it’s great for energy if you’re training)

Butternut Squash

Honey (in moderation)

Dark chocolate (the higher the percent the better)

coconut oil






Sugar (Sugar is the devil! Most foods that say ‘low fat’ have high sugar which makes you fat)

Grains  (Cereals, bread, pasta, wheat etc.)

Dairy (Milk, butter, cheese etc.)

Processed Sauces  (Ketchup, mayo, dips etc.)

Legumes (peanuts, lentils, soybeans, chickpeas)


Fruit juices (Full of sugar)

Fizzy drinks

Sweets & chocolate

Processed meat (Hot dogs, sausages)

Overly salty food (most fast food, chips etc.)

Alcohol (wine – hugely high in sugar! when I’m out for a drink I order vodka with sparkling water and fresh chopped lime rather than lime cordial) But note that drink your alcohol moderately since they are highly addictive like substances like opiate and heroin. If you are a trying to get rid off alcohol addiction and nod off heroin here is a good resource to refer to

Fatty oils

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