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What she’s really saying on Snapchat

Snapchat is dangerous. It’s bad enough waking up with ‘the fear’ but seeing those red empty arrows opened at 4AM with no recollection of ever sending anything can really push you over the edge! You can always just lie to yourself and pretend it never happened… unless they screenshot it, then you’re screwed.Although this app can play a part in the end of a relationship, I have also heard of many love stories begin with “Well he added me on Snapchat…” Girls can be very calculated and mischievous with their snaps though, so you must learn how to read between the lines… When you’re having flirty banter with someone on Snapchat here are some classic moves and their translations to keep an eye out for (I have never used these I’m merely guessing…;)

1.) Just subtly letting you know she’s available..2.) Casually being cute.. she took this 5 times.. even the dog is judging..3.) Tra la la just having a cute bubble bath… seed planted.4.) Showing off various essential skills.. It’s a picture from a cooking magazine but if it’s on 3 seconds surely he won’t cop…5.) Her boobs are on point today and she’ll think of something random to write to you.. doesn’t really matter what she says.6.) She more than likely IS wearing some make up.. but if you receive one of these and don’t compliment her in some way – good luck my friend. 7.) If you like her and she sends you something like this… be sound and do not screenshot! Once you break the screenshot trust there’s no going back.. But if she snaps you when she’s drunk it is a good sign!8.) You’ve snapped her first and if you get a reply like this then she probably has a face mask on and her hair in a turban and feels gross. If she snaps you back a selfie looking like that – then either you’ve got a confident one on your hands or you have been ‘friend zoned’ so she doesn’t really care if you see her looking like shit!

I hope this helped! Always think before you snap and be wary of the screenshot!

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