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The Breakfast Club By Daniella moyles & Yogism

I popped my Yogism cherry yesterday and I loved it!

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. When I have a tasty breakfast in the morning I feel energised, satisfied and ready for anything (without breaky I’m a crank) When I heard about the breakfast club (TBC) in yogism in George’s St. Arcade I knew I had to have it. Daniella moyles has joined up with Yogism to supply Dublin with an ALL DAY BREAKFAST menu. I’ve spent many a morning with Daniella in the TV3 canteen for breakfast before we’ve gone on air for Ireland AM and I know that this girl loves GOOD food! Here’s the ‘TBC’ menu: opted for the protein pancakes from their ‘Specials board’. They were so fluffy and tasty. For anyone who doesn’t like the taste of protein powder fear not, the main flavour I could taste off them was sweet bananas. My pancakes were topped with honey, cashew nuts, fresh berries and Total Greek yogurt. They cost 8 euro and I came out feeling so full and loved knowing that I just devoured a plate of healthy, yummy & guilt free pancakes!

My friend opted for some frozen yogurt. Because he guessed the correct weight of his yogurt + his chosen toppings –  he got it for free! Sweet deal 🙂

On my way out of George’s Street Arcade I picked up a ‘Pie Minister’ for Cian because I’m such a nice girlfriend (If you follow him on Twitter I’m sure you’ll know his love for a good pie) He has since informed that it was ‘unreal’ I’m so happy to see places like Yogism pop up in Dublin! So if you’re looking for a tasty healthy breaky at any time of the day – I would recommend you give this place a go!

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