Smart Charger – Review

Smart Charger – Review

There’s nothing worse than when your phone is running out of battery, especially if you’re on your way to meet someone or on a night out. A lot of places won’t even charge your phone for you behind the bar anymore as they don’t want to accept responsibility for it in case anything happens – which is fair enough!

This smart charger phone case is my new favourite accessory! I need my phone on me at all times for work and I was sick of having to stop and charge it when I’m out and about. With a range of gorgeous colours to choose from, these cases are not only practical but stylish too. When fully charged they hold 110% battery and can fully charge your phone within two hours. smart charger phone caseI have an Iphone 5s and I went for the gold case which costs €49.95.

They also have a range of cases for the Iphone 4/4S, Iphone 5/5C and the Samsung S4.

smart caseFor more information or to order your own Smart Charger phone case visit



  1. So basically your blog is just advertisements for all the free crap you get sent? Stay classy hun.

    • A lot of bloggers get sent products to try out/review. I tried it out and thought it was great so I’m just spreading the word. 🙂 Thanks for reading it hun.

      • Whatever pays yo bills

        • There’s no need to be jealous Kylie. You’d do the same, Good blog Holly 🙂 x

          • Funny how girls always jump down the “you’re just jealous” route, eh I’m far from jealous. Have a great job myself don’t need to sell my soul for a few bob thanks.

  2. Looks like a great product! Not a bad price considering lots of cases don’t charge your phone and still cost around 10/20 euro!

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