Gym Style – All Black Everything

Gym Style – All Black Everything

Not that I need an excuse to wear any more black than I already do, but I heard a great saying “I wear black to the gym because it’s like a funeral for my fat”. As I train 5 days a week with Sophie Kavanagh of No.17 Merrion Square, I go through a lot of gym gear! When I look good I feel good, and that applies in the gym also.

Last week I got a pair of “New Balance 574 Black Trainers” from Lifestyle Sports, and I am in love! Although these trainers are super comfy, they also look good in the gym or out and about, as seen on Alexa Chung below:

gym style 6Alexa was spotted wearing the “Black/Blue New Balance WI574 Trainers, and really pulls off combining a classic Chanel handbag with a pair of trainers. It’s good news for our poor feet that this look is currently cooler than hobbling about in painful stilettos! gym style 7My pair of Black New Balance 574 are available from Men’s Section of Lifestyle Sports. If you want a dark “all black everything” pair of trainers, why not take a look at the Men’s Collection – same goes for grey and navy.Today I’ve teamed them with black Nike leggings, a grey Nike Hoody (both from Lifestyle) and a black sports bra from Penneys. gym style 5gym style 4gym style 3
gym lookCheck out the New balance Collection in Lifestyle Sports here –

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  1. Hey Holly just wondering you said you bought your NB runners in the men’s section (they look fab btw), but I just wanted to ask you about the sizing like say if your a size 4 uk women’s does that mean your a size 6 uk men 🙂
    Thank you x

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