Nude Dude Volume 2 – The Balm Cosmetics

Nude Dude Volume 2 – The Balm Cosmetics

This eyeshadow palette from The Balm is my new MUST HAVE product in my make up bag! In it’s collection of 12 colours, it contains soft and subtle matte shadows for daytime and also has some gorgeous shimmery dark shades for nights out. Check out at all these ‘Nude Dudes’ that possess all the qualities a girl can dream of finding in her prince charming! Balm 8

Here are some of my favourite combos!

Daytime Look:

  • Under my brow: ‘Fabulous’
  • Lid: ‘Faithful’
  • Crease: ‘Flawless’

Balm 6Balm 4

Day to night look:

  • Lid: ‘Flirty’
  • Crease: ‘Feisty’

(Amazing combo for green or blue eyes!)

Balm 5 Balm 3

Night time look:

  • Lid: ‘Fine’
  • Crease: ‘Fierce’

Balm 1 Balm 2


With 12 different eye shadows, a nice big mirror and a double sided make-up brush – this palette has it all!

‘Nude Dudes Volume 2’ palette is 35 euros. To shop ‘The Balm Cosmetics’ products, visit:

Feel Unique

Cloud 10 Beauty





Balm smokey eye


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