‘How ‘Bout them apples?’ By The Balm

‘How ‘Bout them apples?’ By The Balm

I’m always trying to reduce the weight of my make-up bag by only carrying around the essentials. This is why I love products that have more than one use. I recently tried out this cheek & lip cream palette from The Balm called ‘How ‘Bout them apples?’. Not only is the packaging adorable (look at the little pug!) but there’s six colours to choose from, and since they double as a blush and a lippy – you’re really getting 12 make-up products in 1!10513368_10152232946507644_9138004693857609730_nNo matter what skin tone or hair colour you have, you’re bound to find a few shades here that will work well on your lips and your cheeks. I think this palette would make a great gift for exactly that reason, and what girl doesn’t love getting make-up as a present.10410313_10152232941822644_5778668867674338772_nI’m a sucker for anything shimmery so my favourite colour here is definitely ‘Crisp’ (the topless guy beside it is a bit of alright too!) I wore this on my lips for a day with clear vaseline over it and it lasted well and felt hydrating too. I went for ‘Candy’ on my cheeks and used my middle finger to apply it. I would recommend that you just use a tiny dab first and then build it up slowly. Make sure it’s nicely blended otherwise it can look a bit ‘Barbie-doll’-like if you have a perfect pink circle on each cheek.10423721_10152233017592644_8899823850492749785_n10592703_10152233035167644_8500139865001579187_nIf you’re going for that ‘rosy cheek’ look, then a nice highlighter that compliments pink cheeks is ‘Cindy-Lou Manizer’ by The Balm. It’s a shimmery metallic highlighter that gives you a sweet rosy glow. 10537441_10152233124662644_7856032569718877432_nBuy the Balm:




  1. Looks lovely! Super handy that there’s a mirror in the compact turn. Makes it the make up equivalent of a 3 in 1 tray 😉

  2. Wow.. can’t imagine how much time it would’ve taken you to get those pictures taken perfectly and plan out this post.

  3. Jolla, excellent blog.

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