Face primer & setting spray from Fuschia

Face primer & setting spray from Fuschia

There’s nothing worse than when you spend ages on your make-up in the morning and then by Lunch time it goes patchy, faded and sometimes looks like you’re wearing none at all. I train first thing in the morning and then I do my make-up in the gym (as I often have to arrive to jobs camera ready). When I have an event to go to after work I don’t have time to remove my make-up and start again, so it’s important that I use long lasting make-up products that will keep my face looking fresh from AM to PM.

It seems a lot of girls think that when they have a long day ahead of them they need to wear more make-up than usual to ensure it lasts. I’m allergic to that ‘caked’ feeling you get when you have a tonne of foundation on, especially when the sun is shining! I’m always looking for new lotions and potions that will increase how long I get out of a face of make-up.

Since I’ve started using ‘Face canvas face primer’ by fuschia make-up (22 euro) I’ve noticed a big difference in how my foundation spreads and blends on my skin. I only need one pea sized squirt of this primer and it covers my whole face giving my skin a silky smooth texture. I’ve used other primers before but they’ve left me with a greasy face and blocked pores – not a good look! I like Fuschia’s face primer because it’s so light and I’ve been using it everyday for a while now and I haven’t had to replace it yet!Fuschia Face canvas face primer

I’ve introduced another new product into my beauty reigime – setting spray also by Fuschia make-up (Paraben & talc free – 16 euro). After i’ve finished my make-up I hold the bottle at arms-length and apply two or three sprays to my face. The aim of this product is to soothe your skin and set your make-up for longer wear. I love it because it feels so hydrating on my skin and it gives my make-up a bit of a glow. I keep this with me in my make-up bag for freshening up when needs be (it’s also really cooling when you get over heated!)Fuschia setting spray

Find Fuschia make-up:

  • The Pavillions, Swords, Co.Dublin (018138549)
  • G34 Scotch Hall SC, Drogheda, Co.Louth (0419801562)
  • info@fuschia.ie
  • www.fuschia.ie
  • Twitter: @FuschiaEffectfuschia make up selfie




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